Burcak Tolan was raised in Istanbul, a city that is considered to be the cultural melting pot of the World. A unique place where east meets the west and for centuries art, design and craftsmanship advanced itself by the countless cultures, and civilizations that lived in it.

In 2008 Burcak made her move to France and spent a lot of her time in Cannes, St.Tropez and Monaco where her views and perspective of design and fashion evolved with an European influence. During her 5 year journey in France she travelled all over Europe, India, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt. She says:  

"It helped me to develop a different eye and create my own vision. Through my travels, I realized that I can’t have only one style or one look. Both contemporary and classic are all relevant because both are beautiful. I should also say that my designs are not purely oriental, I try to find a fine balance between Eastern and Western aesthetics in design. You can see the reflection of Istanbul’s richness and chaos in my collections."


International Chic with a European Touch.


" I try to have a wide spectrum aesthetics in my designs, it should not matter where you are from or what religious and spiritual background it is that you belong to. Beauty and aesthetics have the power to affect every mind. I apply beauty to every aspect of my life, including in my designs. Beauty is everywhere and has the power to change the world and bring peace. I am completely self-taught in what I do, it all comes from the heart. I am proud to select the highest quality of natural gems and exceptional craftsmanship."

Burcak Tolan's work brings precious stones and remarkable stories together in various special designs. She still uses traditional techniques and fine details in order to reach perfection in each piece. She invites you to follow her in her adventurous and colorful journey.